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  • New urine test could spot pre-eclampsia up to 10 WEEKS earlier than current tests

    Pregnant women have a new test for a deadly complication which affects 50,000 people a year. A simple urine test could detect pre-eclampsia up to 10 weeks earlier, according to doctors in the US. Currently, the complication affecting one in 12 pregnancies first comes to light at antenatal appointments. High blood pressure and protein in the urine are the first…

  • Daily aspirin dose could lower pre-eclampsia risk in pregnant women

    Low dose taken by women at risk of pre-eclampsia throughout pregnancy more than halves chances of premature birth, finds study Pregnant women who are at risk of pre-eclampsia could substantially lower the chances of premature delivery by taking a daily dose of aspirin, research has found. A low dose of the drug taken throughout pregnancy more than halved the chances…

  • Babies’ DNA affects mothers’ risk of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy, study finds

    A major new international study has revealed for the first time that some features in a baby’s DNA can increase the risk of its mother developing pre-eclampsia — a potentially dangerous condition in pregnancy. These results from the InterPregGen study are published in Nature Genetics. The work was carried out by genetics experts from the UK, Nordic countries and Central…

  • Pre-eclampsia linked to heart disease risk

    Pregnancy complications pre-eclampsia significantly increases a woman’s chances of developing heart disease later in life, warns The Heart Foundation. Women who suffer from gestational hypertension or pre-eclampsia are significantly at greater risk of future heart disease and should have their heart health monitored post-pregnancy, urge experts. The Heart Foundation says pregnancy is the ‘ultimate cardiac stress test’ and pre-eclampsia, in…

  • Florence Foster Jenkins – AAPEC Film Fundraising Night

    Come and join us on 26th May to see Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant in a film based on a New York socialite who was convinced of her Opera singing ability. Time: 6.30 for 7pm start, Date: 26th May Venue: Lido Cinemas, 675 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn Cost: $25, includes a drink or choctop icecream and a gift bag. Click here…

  • Melbourne Walk to Raise Awareness of Preeclampsia

    Come and walk at Albert Park Lake to raise awareness of Preeclampsia, Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. Location: Albert Park Lake, Sunday 28th August 2016, 10am start Click here for tickets

  • 2016 Preeclampsia Seminar

    Come to our free seminar and hear the latest on new tests to predict and diagnose Preeclampsia and also about how Preeclampsia affects mothers and babies. Royal Womens Hospital Tuesday 23rd August, 7.30pm-9.30pm Light refreshments available Please register your interest here

  • 2016 Launceston Preeclampsia Awareness Walk

    Come and walk to raise awareness of preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome and eclampsia in Launceston! Royal Park, Paterson St. 11am start Click here for tickets

  • Possible treatment for Preeclampsia

    Australian research showing a possible treatment for preeclampsia using a common indigestion treatment. Click here for more information

  • Refugee woman on Nauru

    Australian Action on Preeclampsia has become aware of the refugee woman on Nauru who is currently 37 weeks pregnant and who has developed Preeclampsia together with other pregnancy complications. Preeclampsia can become life threatening very rapidly, and the only cure available is delivery of the baby. In order to achieve the best possible outcome for this woman and her baby…

  • Cupcake Decorating Fundraiser

    The popular cupcake decorating classes return in a new location to raise money for and awareness of preeclampsia. Participants will learn some basic decorating skills, make some creative cupcakes and get some handy tips as well as having fun along the way. Date: Sunday 21st May Times: Session 1: 10am-12.30pm | Session 2: 1pm-3.30pm Location: 34 King Street Dandenong Victoria…

  • World Preeclampsia Day May 22nd 2017!

    Join us in celebrating World Preeclampsia Day by getting a group of friends together and raising awareness of preeclampsia while having fun! Post your photos to our facebook page or tweet them to us with the hashtag #worldpreeclampsiaday PDF Information Poster

  • Sydney Seminar

    AAPEC is pleased to be associated with the Obstetric Medicine Research Group from St George Hospital and the St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation in the presentation of a public information seminar on preeclampsia. At this session, you will find out more information about preeclampsia covering how hypertension is managed during pregnancy, how to prepare for any subsequent pregnancies…

  • Altered immune cells may both contribute to preeclampsia

    Though the exact cascade of events leading to preeclampsia is unknown, reduced blood flow to the placenta (placental ischemia) is commonly thought to be a factor that contributes to the development of the pregnancy-related condition. In a new study presented today at the APS annual meeting at Experimental Biology 2017, researchers have found that the immune system’s natural killer (NK)…

  • Pre-eclampsia test could help save lives of hundreds of babies every year

    A new test will allow pregnant women with a life-threatening disorder to carry their babies for longer and save the lives of up to 1,000 youngsters a year. Around three per cent of pregnant women suffer from pre-eclampsia where their blood pressure is raised to levels whcih threaten both mother and child. The only known cure is to deliver the…

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