Toni Williams's Story

Andrew and I had decided we were going have a baby so I went off the pill after being on it for 10yrs and went to my GP and he said I will ovulate on this day, so Andrew and I tried and I fell pregnant on the first shot. 

I had hypertension before I was pregnant so I knew pregnancy may have some complications I was on medication for that which was keeping it under control. All the scans at 11 weeks and 18 weeks were good.  I had no morning sickness it was a perfect pregnancy. I went to my GP for the 26 week check up and every thing was good, bp was a little up, not to much. We were in the middle of planning our wedding when the following week at 27 weeks I got a cold, on the Thursday night I noticed my ankles were puffy and Andrew and I  both said that can happen in pregnancy and didnít think much more of it as they went down over night

By the Monday morning I felt really sick so I went to my GP again, he said that I had a chest infection he took my BP it was 180/100, he said thatís too high. He sent me straight to the hospital when I got there I gave them a urine sample it came up with 2 + protein. From then on I went down hill, they told me that if they didnít take my baby that night I would die within 12 to 24hrs, and that I was in the late stages of Pre-eclampsia. 

They hooked me up to the drip with magnesuim and hydrelazine which Ii found out I had a reaction to, I kept vomiting every time they administered it to me.  I was rushed from Ballarat hospital to the Mercy for women in Melbourne in a critical condition. Before I was transferred my bp was 206/140 my kidneys had started to shut down, by the time I got to Melbourne my bp was 220/140.

Andrew arrived about 20min after I got there, thanks to my uncle at very short notice taking him down and waiting there all night. I was taken into a delivery room and one of the paediatrician doctor's came to see me and told me that my baby has an 80-90% survival rate. Ii thought that was pretty good odds, considering my baby was stable on the foetal monitor the whole time.  The doctors checked to see if I had gone into labour but I hadnít so they took me in for an emergency c-section.

At 1.53am 10 hours after going to the GP, my daughter was born weighing 823grams she cried when she was born the doctor's told us what they were doing with her the whole time, in the operating theatre they intubated her then the next day she was weaned to C-PAP. They took my little girl off to NICU, where I didnít see her for 2 day, as Ii was in ICU still.

It was hard not being able to see my daughter, to know if she was ok. It made my cry being away from her for those 2 days. The doctor's told us that she was very small for her G.A and that she was the size of a 25 weeker not 27weeker, so me must have stopped growing for a couple of weeks before she was born.

She spent 26 days on CPAP before breathing on her own with no assistance; she spent 11 weeks in hospital, 6 weeks at the Mercy in Melbourne and 5 weeks in Ballarat before coming home. The Ballarat hospital said that I was one of the worst cases of PE They had seen. I was very scared through all this but I was glad that I had a girl in my situation as even though she was very small she was very strong and fought to stay alive. 

I hope me sharing my story helps anyone in my situation and that there is hope.