Pre-Eclampsia Stories

Dorothy Shaw's Story

My story began 35 years ago with our first baby due at the beginning of May, but after an x-ray was taken it was found the baby was due at the end of May.

At 5mths my legs began to swell markedly and my blood pressure had always fluctuated and shortly after that was consistently high. At 7mths I was told to eliminate salt from my diet and rest. By this stage strangely enough I was beginning to feel better with 'morning sickness finally subsiding.

At 37 weeks with some pains we proceeded to the hospital. It appeared not to be labour and I went home. The next morning I experienced blood loss and returned to hospital. I was then prepared for the birth and placed in the labour ward. From here on I only have fleeting memories. I was unconscious for 3 days waking only briefly. I remember being told I‘d had a baby girl 4lb 12oz and later told I was gravely ill.

I had hemorrhaged, suffered a seizure - eclamptic fits, then I lapsed into a coma and was given a blood transfusion. I was moved to a private ward after 3 days and a general ward about a week later and went home after 13 days.

With my second pregnancy I experienced high blood pressure, marked swelling of the legs and was ordered complete bed rest at 8 months. I did not have eclampsia with this baby or protein in my urine. To the best of my knowledge protein was not found in my urine with my first pregnancy at all the check-ups with my doctor.

Our second daughter had Pre-eclampsia with both of her pregnancies.