Pre-Eclampsia Stories

Pia Elena 3.7.04

After what seemed was an uneventful pregnancy experience with our son Hunter, the last thing we expected was for something to go wrong the next baby. My friends and I joked at how easy pregnancy and birth were for me, it was inconceivable that I would have any problems.

My pregnancy went along with no problems and we were so excited to be having a daughter and little sister for Hunter. At 35 weeks I went for my regular chick up with the GP as I was doing shared care; my blood pressure was high, so she told me to go home and rest and come back in the morning. The next day, the 3rd July 2004 when I say my GP again my BP was even higher and I had some protein in my urine, so she sent me to the hospital so they could check me out.

At the hospital they put me on the CTG monitor, to check my baby's heart rate and movements. The midwife didn't seem concerned (and neither was I), telling me they'd monitor me for a few hours and then I could go home. As I sat on the monitor longer, the baby was apparently distressed; the midwife then told me I was going to have a Caesar. Again, she didn't appear concerned and I was just excited to get my baby early!

As they were preparing me for my Caesar, the nightmare began: the baby's heart stopped so in something like "ER" they raced me down corridors to surgery. I remember lying there knowing my baby was dead and there was chaos around me.

The next I know I woke up and my baby girl was dead.

It is now known I had HELLP Syndrome and I, too was really sick and spent a week in hospital, but the whole experience still seems so surreal. I am now pregnant again (35 weeks) and things are apparently going well with no signs of PE or HELLP, but I don't think any of us will relax until the baby is born.

We will never get over what seems to be such a horrible nightmare, but informing others about PE and HELLP will somehow make me feel as though I have done something to prevent it happening to others.

Postscript 21.6.05

It has almost been a year since we lost our little girl and is still seems so surreal. I know I'll never forget the horrible nightmare of ever fill the gap she has left in our lives, but slowly things are getting back on track.

I am however both dreading and counting down the days to Pia's birthday.

Six weeks ago I gave birth to our third child, Max, a little brother for Hunter. The pregnancy was really stressful but I had no signs of PE at all and we are all now enjoying every minute and feel extremely lucky to have him.

Thank you AAPEC, and especially Christine Bottos who was my greatest support over the last twelve months - always on the other end of an email when I needed to talk. I don't know if I would have made it through with out you and I will never be able to express how grateful I am.