Pre-Eclampsia Stories

Murray and Debbie Scott

Murray and I were on our honeymoon when I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant in AAOctober 1993. We told everyone as we wanted a baby and love kids. At 10 weeks you couldn't wipe the smiles from our faces. 19 weeks pregnant we go for a scan to find out the baby is only the size of a 16 week foetus. I went for a 20 week check-up to be told no heart beat, not to worry and to go home. l also had a blood test (AFP Alpha Feta Protein).

The blood test came back high. AFP meant checking to make sure the baby doesn't have spina-bifida. Well what a mess. Murray and I had to make a decision whether to abort or keep it. I started spotting, by now I was 22 weeks pregnant. A special scan was arranged to see what was happening. I went back to my room, went to the toilet and my waters broke. I quickly layed on the bed as the baby was nearly out. I delivered our baby son (stillborn) within 2 minutes. We never saw him, never touched or held him. We named our son Zola.

After losing Zola I wanted to start trying straight away. After 6 months I went to our GP. He said to take my temperature 3 minutes by mouth every morning, I did this for 9 months getting very upset and wandering why this was happening to us. Our GP reffered us to an Obstr/Gyno who gave us 5 options. We decided on fertility drugs. I fell pregnant in Feb 95 and at 6 weeks I miscarried. After being on the fertility drug for 4 months I fell pregnant again in April 95. Murray and I were both excited and both very scared. 10 weeks going good, 16 weeks going great, 18 weeks and 5 days we go for a scan. The scan shows the baby 17 weeks and 5 days, the doctors said all is well. At 25 weeks and 4 days we both go to the Ostr?Gyno for the babies feart beat check and my blood pressure. My BP was 180/110, I was admitted straight into hospital. I went for a scan on Wednesday to be told half an hour later that our baby was dead and was the size of an 18 week foetus. Well I cried, Murray cried, we both couldn’t behleave this was happening again. I just wanted to end my life, mentally and physically. I was induced. After 21 hours of labour our baby son Kyle Glen was stillborn, Thursday 5 Oct 95. Murray and I couldn’t come to grips with holding, touching or seeing our son, we were both horrified wondering what Kyle would look like. There was a funeral to arrange. Murray was terrific, without him I wouldn’t be here today. Murray and I went to see Kyle at the funeral place. It was both what we needed, to see our son. We held him, took photos and said our goodbyes.

3 months later we tried again. We found out I was pregnant in Feb 96. At 6 weeks my BP was 190/100 so I went straight to my BP specialist. I went on BP tablets (Lebetalol) half a tablet twice a day and half an aspirin once a day to thin out my blood and I had to buy a BP machine, (what a life-saver). I took my BP 3 times a day. I was at the doctors every 2 weeks. I was bed ridden at home. Murray was great he had to do everything shopping, washing, cooking and housework. At 9 weeks and 6 days I had a spot bleed. We went for a scan and everyone was healthy, but very nervous. At 32 weeks pregnant my Obstr/Gyno advised us he would do a caesarean on the Wednesday 9 Oct 96. We were on weekly visits now and having foetal monitoring once a week was very reassuring. I couldn't go though a natural labour because I took half an aspirin in my pregnancy to thin out my blood and an epidural could not be given to me for pain

relief. Our baby son Travis Kyle was delivered weighing 61b 12oz screaming his lungs out. Murray was the first to see Travis, I don't think he could believe that Travis was alive, after all the pain, stress and the heartache in the last 3 years. We can now say yes we have a living child. I arrived back to my room at 4.00am to see our beautiful baby boy. I couldn't believe it, that baby in the humidity crib was mine. Travis Kyle will never know how much he really means to us. Zola, Kyle Glen and Travis Kyle our sons you will always be.