Emma Wells

Vice President of AAPEC

Emma Wells, became Vice President of Australian Action on Pre-eclampsia in July, 2020. Her willingness to join the committee was inspired by her own personal experience, suffering from an extreme form of pre-eclampsia, called HELLP syndrome.

Sadly, in 2011 Emma lost her firstborn child and almost her own life, due to this deadly condition. She was determined to become a mother and was fortunate to be a patient at the Royal Woman’s Hospital, in Melbourne, where she met one of the world’s leading experts on pre-eclampsia, Professor Shaun Brennacke.

After experiencing such a traumatic and life changing experience, Emma focused her time and energy on healing and achieving her goal of becoming a mother. Closely monitored in subsequent pregnancies in 2013, 2017 and 2019, Emma was able to benefit from medical research undertaken by the RWH, including a trial of low-dose aspirin and in her last pregnancy, a world-first blood test developed by the RWH, taken in the second half of pregnancy, every four weeks, determining the likelihood of pre-eclampsia developing. Luckily for Emma, pre-eclampsia did not surface and each of her pregnancies were healthy, resulting in three full-term babies.

In 2018, Emma participated in the Royal Woman’s Hospital, Miracle Mums Appeal and in 2019, she was the face of the Miracle Mums Appeal, sharing her story to bring light on pre-eclampsia and the HELLP syndrome. The appeal raised vital funds for the RWH and Emma’s story highlighted their ground-breaking research. It was a wonderful opportunity for Emma to honour the doctors that brought her and her family great joy.

Emma joins AAPEC with an intrinsic motivation to support others that have experienced pre-eclampsia and the HELLP syndrome. She feels extremely lucky to be able to work collaboratively with a group of inspirational volunteers, holding an ultimate goal to increase awareness of this life-threatening condition and to offer support to those in need. She recognises the power of peer support in one’s healing journey and acknowledges the importance of finding a sense of belonging at a time when you can feel so alone.

In 2016, Emma attended a 3-day Personal Enrichment Program, run by SIDS and Kids, Bereavement Support Services, now known as Red Nose, Greif and Loss. The Enrichment Program supported Emma through her own experience of loss and gave her the opportunity, in 2018 to undertake training in Peer Support. Following this, Emma became a Qualified OpenSky Qigong Facilitator. Based on ancient Chinese theory and practices, OpenSky Qigong techniques, assist people to consciously balance their body, mind and emotions.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Arts, Early Childhood Education and a Diploma of Children’s Services. She has been teaching in Early Childhood since, 2001. She is currently studying a Diploma of Holistic Counselling, with a vision to support grieving families through a time of devastation and loss.