Preeclampsia – The Australian Experience

Preeclampsia – The Australian Experience


This book was complied to support sufferers of Pre-Eclampsia, Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome and to help them recognize that they are not alone!

It was through the dedication of these fifty women and their families that they opened their hearts to honestly share their pain, sufferering and experience of this insidious disease.

This text was complied by Sue Curtis (Co-Founder of AAPEC) after the heartbreaking loss of her daughter, Grace, together with Prof. Shaun Brennecke, Director of the Department of Peri-Natal Medicine, Royal Women’s Hospital, Carlton, Victoria, Australia.

This book is dedicated to our daughters, Brooke and Grace.

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Australian Action on Preeclampsia Inc. and eventually to research into Preeclampsia.

Anne Hally-Paddock. AAPEC Co-Founder

Australian residents only, international buyers please email for sales information.