In collaboration with APEC United Kingdom, APEC Australia and APEC NZ, we were proud to provide a copy of the webinar of a Dad’s Chat as part of New Zealand’s  Mental Health Awareness week, from Tuesday 5 December.

Hosted by Marcus Green CEO of UK APEC, we heard from Paul about his experience with HELLP syndrome, a severe form of pre-eclampsia. The account of a dad isn’t often heard, especially around the experience of a high risk pregnancy, pre-term birth and the impact on fatherhood and mental heath.

How did Paul experience fatherhood, deal with the stresses of his partner and baby who faced uncertainty and then as life as a NICU Dad?

Watch this webinar and gain an insight in to Paul’s experience and the advice he shares with other Dad’s out there who are facing a similar situation.

Looking for additional information? Purchase Paul’s book on Amazon. Click on the picture of the cover to complete your purchase or click here.

About HELLP I”m going to be a Dad
“The account of a dad isn’t often heard and even more rarely written down. With a mix of shock, humour, and self-depreciation, Paul tells his story and that of his family in a pacy, hard-hitting, and bittersweet way. This book is a must-read for anyone involved in the care of families going through pregnancy when things get hard because ultimately, we need to look beyond the baby to the whole family.”