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Sharing your story here is a great way to inform others about your experiences of preeclampsia.

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Sharing your story can help to process your pregnancy experience, as well as inform others who are or have been affected by preeclampsia. Many preeclampsia survivors still struggle with a variety of their feelings many years after their birth and they have told us that writing their story has often helped express those feelings.

The very personal stories you will read here include some moving, confronting and also heart-warming descriptions of women experiencing preeclampsia and sometimes accounts of very sad outcomes for both mother and baby.

Please consider adding sharing your story here so that others can read about your experiences. Your friends and family may also find reading your story very helpful in understanding your experiences. We welcome your photos and you can upload them with your story. If you would like help to write your story, please contact info@aapec.org.au

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  • Phoebe’s Story

    At 28 weeks pregnant, I blissfully loved every moment of pregnancy. Having had 2 previous miscarriages, I was determined not to take any moment of the experience for granted. There was nothing I treasured more than holding my hand to my belly and feeling my baby move. It was in these moments that I felt the most connected with my…

  • Zoe & Troy Lee’s Story

    I met my sweetheart in March 2003. We had just moved into our house, when I discovered we were pregnant (August 2003). We were so over the moon. I had a very scary start to my first pregnancy. I was rushed to hospital with terrible pains on my right side. They thought it was an ectopic pregnancy. After a few…

  • Robyn Harries’s Story

    Before I start my story I would like to take this opportunity to thank AAPEC for publishing my account. I got my Mum to write this letter as I dictate: My daughter, Nicole, is now seventeen years old. This is the story of her birth. The due date was 3.9.1988; she did not arrive until 9.9.88 when the doctor induced…

  • Fiona Dixon’s Story

    Being pregnant with my second baby I was looking forward to embracing my pregnancy and the belly that goes with it. My pregnancy was relatively uneventful and I went to all my regular appointments. I was being cared for by my local hospital’s midwife group as my first pregnancy was classed low risk although I was induced at 40weeks with…

  • Julie Oliver’s Story

    My daughter Claire is nearly six and I had a fairly trouble free pregnancy. I however began to put on far too much weight and my liver enzyme went up, no blood pressure issue, headaches or any other symptoms and my doctor induced me at 38 weeks. I had a very healthy 4.050 kg baby. Afterwards my liver was re-checked…

  • Belen Walsh’s Story

    Blair and I were over the moon to find out that I was having our first baby, with the normal morning noon and night sickness, everything was pretty normal. Until I got to about 29 weeks when I started to high blood pressure and swelling everywhere. I was told to start taking it easy and not do as much, being…

  • Theresa Fuller’s Story

    It was February 2001 when my third healthy little girl Natalie was born. Being pregnant was the healthiest time of my life I always felt well never had any problems with protein or high blood pressure. I was home on the 6th post natal day with Steven, Ashleigh Lauren and Natalie, it was a sunny day, and we took the…

  • Alison and Philip Armstrong’s Story

    The date was 14 May 2003 and I remember the moment vividly. It was early in the morning, and after an agonising two-week wait, I’d jumped out of bed to perform a pregnancy test. Philip and I had just been through our first cycle of IVF and the result would be known in five minutes. I couldn’t bear to look…

  • Jaynee Charlston’s Story

    Our son Samuel was born on the 23rd of March at 8.14pm at 23 weeks. The following day we issued the below statement to family and close friends: “Samuel arrived sound asleep and very peacefully at 8.14 last night. Troy and I spent the night with him. We are ok and will be ready for visitors tomorrow. Love, us.” Bub…

  • Toni Williams’s Story

    Andrew and I had decided we were going have a baby so I went off the pill after being on it for 10yrs and went to my GP and he said I will ovulate on this day, so Andrew and I tried and I fell pregnant on the first shot. I had hypertension before I was pregnant so I knew…

  • Dannielle Holland’s Story

    Things were running smoothly at the beginning, and I was living on peppermint tea and anything ginger. Gotta love morning sickness and the cravings! All through my pregnancy I’d had high blood pressure, but it sat at the top end of the normal range and was posing no risk to the baby at that point. So when my GP took…

  • Ashleigh Alvarez’s Story

    My husband and I had been trying to fall pregnant for at least a year so when it finally happened we were over the moon so much so that I took 3 home pregnancy tests and went to see my doctor just to confirm it was really true. The pregnancy was going well with no morning sickness I felt really…

  • Kathleen & Joe Conway’s Story

    Trust your instincts … Joe and I were very happy to hear that I was pregnant with our first child. As a Type 1 diabetic (I was not informed that diabetes was a risk factor for pre-eclampsia), it had taken a lot of hard work and preparation to get my sugar levels down to the recommended level before conceiving. Joe…

  • Jake

    Jake (18/11/13 – 03/02/14) Our little Jake – you were born to early to save my life. You fought so, so hard little man. Words can not show how much we all miss you every second of every day. Love now and until we meet again Mummy, Daddy and big brother Zac

  • Jayden Luke Thomson

    Jayden Luke Thomson 06 March – 12 May 2006 We miss you, Little Man. For 67 days you battled like a trooper. Those special nurses fell in love with you as much as we did. And all our photos don’t seem enough anymore… Remembering you dearly and loving you forever, Mummy & Daddy xxxxx

  • Liam Mark Pyke

    Liam Mark Pyke 16/02/06 Our little angel for ever, Love your Mum & Dad

  • Ryan Whittington

    In loving memory of baby Ryan Whittington 16.09.05 – 19.09.05 Perhaps my time seemed all too brief, Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your heart and share with me, God wanted me now, he set me free. We love you from mum & dad, Liam & Lora

  • Liam Jordan Van der Hoek’s Story

    Liam Jordan Van der Hoek’s Story Born sleeping January 16th 2005 Your baby sister Jorja survived severe early onset Preeclampsia and extreme premature birth because of your loving protection, and the lessons we learnt after we lost you, our irreplaceable, precious and adored first born. You are loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure. Loved for a lifetime, and beyond,…

  • Pia Elena Liddell

    Pia Elena Liddell 3/7/04 Born to the earth, committed to the sea, your spirit in our hearts forever will be. Love, Mummy, Daddy, Hunter and Max

  • Elizabeth Andersen

    Elizabeth Andersen 31st December, 1995 – 1st January, 1996. Rest easy, little angel

  • Brooke Dyan Hally

    Brooke Dyan Hally 6 June 1991 – 24 July 1992 Brooke, you were so a delight to have in my life, if only for a short time while I tried so hard to keep you, but I knew God desperately wanted you to be one of his “Special Angels”. Every day you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I…

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