Karen, currently located near the southwest slopes of regional NSW, works in administration for an agricultural business operating in egg production, stock feed milling and transport. She has over 15 years experience managing webpages and social media platforms.

I became aware of preeclampsia when my sister in law was diagnosed over 30 years ago. My first nephew was extremely premature and let’s just say, it was a roller coaster ride for everyone involved. I have been privileged to see him grow into a brilliant mature adult and also witness the dedication of my sister in law, who specialises in researching and educating people about preeclampsia. The investment of her ethos, medical knowledge and time, is what we see in AAPEC today.

I then encountered the disease again, only last year, when a work colleague at the free range egg farm became pregnant. As well as experiencing high blood pressure, she also experienced gestational diabetes. Luckily with early intervention, brilliant medical care and plenty of bed rest, mother and baby are both doing amazingly.

I look forward to assisting in spreading the knowledge of preeclampsia digitally, so that more mothers (and potential mothers) can become aware and receive the medical attention and assistance, they and their families need.