Every year since 27 July 2019, Kristy Watson has contributed to the Australian and international efforts to raise awareness on preeclampsia. She has done so from her home town in South Eastern Victoria. Friends and Family have always been there lending a hand.

In early May 2021 she decided this year to hold a raffle to raise funds for AAPEC and to spread the word on the importance of recognizing the symptoms of preeclampsia.

For Kristy her actions have also helped her heal from the loss at 32 weeks in her pregnancy of her baby Kaycen Dale Watson.

 “I was pregnant at 19 and really knew very little about preeclampsia. I had heard the term and knew it was a condition in pregnancy but that was about all.  

I lost my baby when I was 32 weeks as a result of preeclampsia. My grief was raw. His nursery was ready for him.  After his passing I remember asking my mother, ‘Will this ever end, will life ever be normal again? 

The first 18 months after losing my son, I felt dazed and filled with grief.  It has only been in the last 18 months that I have really focused on my mental health, on looking after my health and taken the time to heal. I have reached a place this year that is so much better. I  completed a course on mental health giving me skills in supporting others who have experienced the loss of a child but also strengthening my own recovery. I never thought I could study! 

Each year around my son’s birthday I take part in activities to raise wider awareness of preeclampsia.  This year I chose to organize a raffle. Amazingly we have raised over $2,000. All with the support of my family, my two best friends and countless business and individuals who donated prizes. Through social media we were inundated with offers of assistance from small and large businesses in my local community and across Victoria.

The prizes will be drawn around 6.30 on 27 July 2021 – my son’s birthday. It will be online of course!”