Sharon Ramsay

AAPEC Member

Sharon has been an AAPEC member since 2007.

Sharon became a member of AAPEC after the birth of her daughter, Eliza, who is now 13 years old.

Sharon has held various roles with AAPEC and for the last few years has mainly coordinated the gift program for hospitals with hand made knitting, sewing and donations with information about Pre Eclampsia.

Sharon spreads awareness about Pre Eclampsia by sharing her story many times. Sharon suffered severe Eclampisa with Eliza and is now focussed on her own health as wells as looking into any health issues that may arise for Eliza when its time for her to have a family and the support she needs.

Sharon currently works as a Chef at an over 55’s retirement centre. She has been a chef for 28 years and also teaches cooking classes, sewing and art at a Community Centre where she has worked for 7 ½ years. She is part of the project for Family Learning Partnerships run through schools. This program is based on engaging families in education setting’s and how to encourage and support parents to participate in short programs to give them skills and knowledge for future pathways to employment.